Shoper 9

Shoper POS

The perfect way to run your retail business
Would you like to give your business the technological edge with a solution that far exceeds your expectations? If yes, then you can take advantage of Shoper POS - a feature rich, robust and secure solution designed to deliver more when it comes to managing operations in retail outlets, or wholesale and distribution businesses.

Shoper POS is a comprehensive state-of-the-art solution that caters to every aspect of your retail business, from billing, inventory management, merchandising, pricing and barcode generation and printing, to stock transfer, taxation and customer relationship management. What's more, Shoper POS works in conjunction with Tally accounting software, to give you a complete business solution, that's efficient and cost-effective.

If you are looking for flexibility and hassle-free control; if you need efficient transaction processing, with in-depth features and options; if you want to enjoy improved productivity, transparency and bottom line results, then Shoper POS is exactly what you need.

The Shoper suite of retail solutions includes Shoper POS and Shoper HO.

Shoper HO (Head Office)

The perfect way to manage your retail chain
Shoper HO helps manage the central aspects of a retail chain. As a key component of the retail solution suite from Tally Shoper solutions, Shoper HO is designed for any retailing organisation that controls more than one retail outlet.

Shoper HO works in conjunction with two or more Shoper POS deployments at the various retail outlets of a chain, to exchange data, consolidate them and also differentiate them. This comprehensive solution renders a better across-the-chain visibility and ensures accurate stock and information transfer across the chain.

Shoper HO enables the replication and consolidation of stock and transaction details of retail stores and distribution centres, at the Head Office level. This helps in improved productivity and enhanced transparency across the retail chain. It also ensures faster and better decision making to achieve better fulfillment, predictability in operations and eventually leads to better profitability.

The Shoper suite of retail solutions includes Shoper POS and Shoper HO.