Education Software

Suyog Infotech Private Limited is a renowned name in the industry of ERP Resource development carrying a legacy of decades and a trusted technology partner of Tally in India. Placed in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) the heart of India.

Suyog is surviving their clients for the last 3 decades.

The various customized software that is designed by Suyog for different industries are Auto, Build, Edu, Cold, Hotel, Weaver, CB, Mall, Medi, Loan management, Genset, and Advt Soft.

Suyog System Software understands the industry-specific requirements and works closely with the team of Tally to provide customizable solutions that ensure ease of operations reduce data redundancy, and reduce cost operations.

Edu soft is software customized for the requirements of institutions, schools, and colleges.

Features of Edu soft outshine other software options that are present in the industry.

Auto-generation of Fee Due Entry

This feature of Edu Soft Generates Fee Due Invoices automatically by Education Software. This feature of Edu Soft automatically generates student fee due entries. It doesn’t require any human work and makes your task easy and you will know whose fees are pending through SMS alerts.

Flexible Fee Management System – Semester wise, Quarterly, Monthly

Concession, Scholarship Management

This feature of Edu soft helps in fee management quarterly and allows you to generate fees month-wise, semester-wise, or yearly. It also helps you in maintaining the record of students who have got scholarships and the students who have fees concession.

Student Database Management

This feature of Edu Soft provides maintenance of personal data of a student like his/her name, father’s name, mother’s name, address, contact number, etc into a Single Database.

Payment Gateway Integration

This feature of Edu soft allows students to make online, cash, and cheque transactions through Elogi Pay. This magical integration does not share any personal information and also allows students to view their outstanding fees it also does not share any personal information or any student details.

This feature reduces data redundancy and it reduces the management headache of updating the transactions in their accounting software as the transactions are automatically recorded.

Enquiry Management 

This feature of Edu Soft creates a structured database of information such as area of residence, contact number, date of enquiry, etc. This information helps management in deciding their marketing and branding strategy, planning follow-ups, and targeting relevant audiences.

Admission Registration Process

Edu soft maintains a record of students’ data from the day of admission.

SC / ST / OBC / GEN / Management quota, Concession Report as per requirement, Flexible Fee Management System – Semester wise, Quarterly, Monthly, Institute’s Management / faculty / Employee Wards admission report.

The Edu soft allows the management of fees based on different provisions pertaining to government, management, and social environment. Thus, providing actual information to the students regarding their pending fees and fees concessions.

Security Controls: As per the authority of a user, Controlled by the administrator, Security Deposit Payment Register

There is often a situation in the institutional setup where the management requires to provide limited access to the security deposit register.

We understand the requirement, and this feature allows the same by providing the administration the freedom to provide access to details based upon the authority of the user and manage these access points.

Daily Receipt – User Wise – Collection & Deposit

Schools, Colleges, and Institutions accept various kinds of payments such as cash, UPI, or cheques. So for alternate payments methods, they have certain counters for each of them, and each of them has to maintain daily money collection and deposit records. So as soon as the Cashiers update the information on the sheets it gets updated and saved in Edu Soft and the money is credited to the owners’ account.

Hostel Fee / Transportation fee outstanding & overdue report.

This feature allows management to create different categories of hostel fees based on the accommodation features such as Single/Double/A.C./Non-A.C. Accommodation, and it also allows students to view their outstanding fees.

This feature also provides the pick-up location of a student, route details, and stoppage reports.